Achievements for Hidemyass especially during this April month

Hidemyass On Month Of April

Continuing to keep unchanged the bench sign of remaining Major VPN Programs
Provider, Hidemyass team works out 24 hours a day to give you its best products and services.

Hidemyass included 38.27% nations globally with thier servers,
and keen to bring even more. It does show the committed work as well as hard work of organization
Hidemyass. Hidemyass offers way more countries than several other VPN provider.

"Real excellent achievements"

  1. Inclusion Of completely new server and also new nations around the world to the system.
  2. Battling against Heartbleed bug
  3. Awesome Release of 600th server

Latest Servers and so New Regions

  • 19 Servers
  • 2949 IP addresses
  • 4 New nations a) Colombia b) Yamoussoukro c) Nairobi d) Lagos

Virtual Location:
Netherlands, Amsterdam - Virtual United States of America
Germany, Frankfurt - Virtual UK

Virtual destination are excellent for getting quicker connectivity using Hidemyass VPN services

Battle against bug

According to advisory by OpenSSL Project that Heartbleed bug could make hares to the internet
customers and retrive information from encrypted SSL endpoints. Hidemyass have taken all the meassure
action steps to safeguard their clients thereby making assured that never any susceptibility might take place as well as Hidemyass clients won't get being affected by the bug.

600th Server

Its actual best time to get done party for Hidemyass company
Launch of 600th server in itself a breakthrough success
at this point Hidemyass users could use 74,000 IP addresses in 151
different cities from 75 totally different nations around the world
around the world.

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